Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Jim Carroll - The Basketball Diaries Final Chapter

Jim Carroll was known for being an author, poet, musician and autobiographer (The Basketball Diaries). Jim passed away Friday September 11. 59 years too young to pass. He was working at his desk at the time.

Rest in peace and love.
James Dennis Carroll
August 1, 1950 - September 11, 2009 (aged 59)

Please check out my new friend Adam's band The Lustkillers cover of "People Who Died" at

Jim Carroll - People Who Died

1 comment:

  1. Life is Fragile
    which is why LustKillers do this

    I thought Jim was gonna live forever.
    I may have many influences but Jim Carroll was a Hero.

    Jim fought for his art and beat all the odds.
    This made him invincible to me as a kid, especially as I watched my influences die one by one after the other.

    LK/NC4 Bassist Arch reminded me why Jim's death stings so much.
    "It ain't about People Who Died..... It's about people who mattered who died."

    People Who Died by Jim Carroll is a celebration of the lives we had with us while they were here.

    LustKillers have been playing the song in our set forever now and always inviting friends and guests to join us in the anthem.
    It's created soo many great memories for us that I cant even count em.

    We had more than a few people insist we record the song for the next album.
    June 20, 2009 we obliged.

    I had always found room in the song to insert other bits of Jim's work to introduce strangers to and I've even been known to pay homage to those before me who died making me who I am today.

    I'm so very sad to think that Jim Carroll will now be one of those people.

    Expect it on the next Album.
    "This Song is for you my Brother"

    until then,
    please enjoy LustKillers live w/ Kitty Kowalski now posted here at

    We couldn't play in Hell's Kitchen and not honour the Man
    4/09/09 at Bar 9 NYC

    Rest in Peace and Love