Monday, September 28, 2009

Keeping Up With The Jackson Whites: The WiLDHEARTS - Chutzpah! (cd review)

Chutzpah! is the eighth studio record by the Newcastle, England's fricking WiLDHEARTS! As far as I am concerned, Ginger and his fellow 'Hearts can do no wrong. Long time fans will not be not be disappointed. There are some great shake your money maker pop songs, some sing-a-long songs and it wouldn't be a Wildhearts record without some knock down drag out fight kind of songs.

I am embarrassed to admit but I only got into the 'Hearts about two years ago when a friend got me into a pile of music. THIS band is the one I have delved into the most on a frequent and regular basis (and there was a lot of other great stuff this friend got me into). I heard "Cold Patango Tootie" and "Caprice" and I was sold; soon after I discovered "29X the Pain" and "Sick Of Drugs" and was hooked. The Wildhearts are a band that you can listen to their first track "Greetings from Shitsville" from their debut "Earth vs the Wildhearts" right up to "Carmelita" an uptempo punkish cover of Warren Zevon mellow 70's lament.

Anyway, so it was clear that I greatly anticipated Chutzpah! A little weary as I have been burnt before by a band that seems either disbands just before I get into them or put out shit once I do get into them. Not the case here my friends. On the release date September 1, 2009 in the 36 and a 1/2 minutes of play (which is in that perfect 30-40 minute time span of how long a record should last) they hammer it out huge. It's a thick well done record which 'Hearts fans are used to. Ginger, C.J, Scott and Ritch give you a versatile punk/pop/power-pop/hard rock record that is well written and melodic just as the ones previously yet fresh and still having it's own identity.

"The Jackson Whites" starts the record and if you don't want to get up and dance Ginger and the boys will rock your ass out of the love seat and into Wildheart's utopia. The band keeps it rolling with the swinging industrial sounds much similar to Rob Zombie on "Plastic Jebus". The thoughtful "The Only One" is a humming down the highway kind of rock song and just it mellows out a bit. "John of Violence" pounds out the verses with gorgeous choruses. All this and the record is only half way though. "You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane" (probably my first favourite so far) is just a fun fast paced song with great "a woah ooo woah o's". "Tim Smith" is your traditional metal which will definitely please all the metal heads in the verses even while it goes and gets itself some poppy parts that make it a perfect example of how when arranged properly genre's can cross kick some serious ass. Again "Low Energy Vortex" starts out on the softer side and quickly dumps the clutch and rips up the rock n roll highway. "You Took the Sunshine from New York" is a toe-tapping ditty that at first I wasn't sure about but after a few listens it's vivid lyrics keep going back to it."Mazel Tov Cocktail" is what I call a summer song. A song that you can picture dancing on a beach as the sun goes down while you knock back a couple cold ones with a girlfriend or a few of your best friends. Just a great song that shows fans the band has done it yet again. last but not least the self title track "Chutzpah" rolls the whole record into one and finishes up the record nicely.

If you are a new WH fan or a long time WH fan, pick up "Chutzpah!" tomorrow.

Cheers Rockers!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Future Is Coming and It's Not Too Late To Change It - The Nightmares (Self-titled Ep Review)

From the opening lines of "Stand Up & Fight" the yowl and screech of Nick Hall's lead vocals are proof that this band is one of a handful of bands in this country that are far from laying down in this watered down state we call the Canadian music scene. Fortunately this band has no problem grabbing the industry by the balls and showing a country it can still rock.

The Nightmares are a power punk revival band heavily saturated in pop that won't disappoint. For only forming early this year they have a one hell of a solid six song Ep. I was shocked to find out that they already have twenty five more songs ready to go that the band wrote and recorded while recording their self titled Ep in the studio. Working with the likes of Matt Pomade (THE CREEPSHOW) and Peter Arvidsson (DUMPER, ROBIN BLACK) may help you paint picture of where this band is heading. That being said they definitely bring their own intense fiery style to the table

As with all the songs on this high energy catchy rock cd, "You're Too Late" will have you singing along with this fun little number. It will have you leaping from your chair and chanting with along the distant background gang vocals. It's incredibly melodic. "Bella Gloom" has Dave Fulton hammering out a solo on his guitar that reminds you what a solo should sound like. My personal favorite "We're Alright" wastes no time ripping the riffs up right from the start backed by a crushing drum and while Static State makes you want to dance to the sing-a-long anthemetic number, Dan's pounding bass line in "All My Friends Are Nameless" will get your blood pumping nothing short of using defibrillator paddles.

The band states that they are "dedicated to bringing real rock and roll back to our fair city (Toronto)". One can only hope that the rest of country will soon be in the cross-hair's of The Nightmares.

According to the bands bio they should have a video coming in October of this year for their debut single "Static State". I for one am looking forward to it. In November of this year The Nightmares are performing with punk legends The Misfits in Toronto. One can only think that with shows like this it shouldn't take too long for the band to get the ball rolling. They have already accomplished some major milestones in their so far short career.

Check em out!

Cheers Rockers!

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Jim Carroll - The Basketball Diaries Final Chapter

Jim Carroll was known for being an author, poet, musician and autobiographer (The Basketball Diaries). Jim passed away Friday September 11. 59 years too young to pass. He was working at his desk at the time.

Rest in peace and love.
James Dennis Carroll
August 1, 1950 - September 11, 2009 (aged 59)

Please check out my new friend Adam's band The Lustkillers cover of "People Who Died" at

Jim Carroll - People Who Died

The Oprah Winfrey Show Made Me Love Music...

Some of you might recognize this article as a Facebook note I posted early this year. I decided to repost it as a refection of my passion for music in celebration of a 1000 hits. Thanks to all whom have read, enjoyed or hated my articles. It gives me great pleasure to know people read my stuff.

Here it is.

The Oprah Winfrey Show Made Me Love Music...

Ok, that's not entirely true, but one episode did quite the effect on me. I have loved music my whole life, as long as I can recall. When I was 5 or 6 years old in '86/'87ish I was watching "The Oprah Winfrey" show with my mother. That particular day on the show was the cast of 80's sitcom "Growing Pains". The details of the show are foggy, but I vividly remember Oprah convincing Jeremy Miller (Ben) to do an air band. The rest is crystal clear. The song he did was Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock N Roll". I was young but I had to have that song. My mother searched high and low to find me that song. I remember going into A&A Music in Weyburn after finding out what tape it was on with my Mother. Mom decided it was too expensive to buy a cassette for that amount for a first grader that really only wanted it for one song. I don't blame her. She did come through for me however. The husband of my mom's friend Judy had 1981's "Bob Seger - Nine Tonight" on Vinyl and "dubbed" it for me on cassette. I believe I still have that cassette somewhere. I still love every song on it. My friends think I am insane but I will always be love that record and never be able to kill it.

The only other one that sticks out as much is my Aunt's 1978's "Buddy Holly Lives" record. If you have seen my forearm you understand how much these things mean to me.

The first bought record I ever owned was 1984's "Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA". Another one I will forever love.


What is your earliest "AWESOME!!!!" music experience?
What was the record that secured your love for music?
Similar experiences?

PS The theme from Growing Pains is still my favourite TV theme to this day. “Show me that smile again… Show me that smile…”

Bob Seger - We've Got Tonight

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rock N' Roll Is Gonna Set The Nite On Fire (Mall Hair Video Series)

So tonight while I was bored I was reminded of the BIG HAIR videos of the late '80's/early 90's that I love so much. Why do I love them so much you may ask? It's simply because they are fun and pure cheese. You may notice there is no Motley Crue, Skid Row and Faster Pussycat on this list because well... they were serious artists. Well Okay no they weren't but I decided that if the song is great cheese, makes me laugh and play air guitar then it got posted. If I just genuinely liked the song and didn't find it that funny, then I just felt old and it got left off. Some you may remember quite well and some may take you back. Regardless hear – [sic] – are some of my favourites...


Sven Gali - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Firehouse - All She Wrote

Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart

Southgang - Tainted Angel

Slaughter - Up All Night

Danger Danger - Monkey Business

L.A. Guns - The Ballad Of Jayne

Pretty Boy Floyd - Rock N' Roll

Bad English - Straight To Your Heart

Tesla - Getting Better

Bon Jovi - Runaway

London Quireboys - I Don't Love You Anymore

Trixter - One In A Million

Winger - Seventeen

Warrant - Uncle Tom's Cabin

Ratt - Round and Round

Poison - Fallen Angel

Cinderlla - Hot And Bothered

Bulletboys - Smooth Up In Ya

Vince Neil - You're Invited (But Your Friend Can' t Come )

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bad Kid: An Interview with Adam Becvare of The Lust Killers, The New Lords Of Church and The Black Halo's

He writes the songs that make the young girls cry... He rights the wrongs that make the old girls sigh. He's resurrected Vancouver's monochrome punks The Black Halo's... He brought new life to 80's supergroup The Lords Of the New Church... and he's the brains behind Chicago's "LUSTKILLERS". I am proud to give to you an interview with one Adam Becvare...

SPUN I really like this quote of yours and found it on your facebook group for the Lustkillers and thought it was a great way to start. "If all we leave this place with is memories, I'm filling mine with the best I can find." As someone who currently plays with The Lustkillers, The Lords of the New Church when needed and The Black Halos you must have some pretty great memories so far. Is there a big memory musically that stands out?

AB Thank You. Gotta make those memories with the best people you can find too. Musically, I thoroughly enjoyed making those Halos albums with Jack Endino. I learned a lot with Jack. Halloween '007 with The Lords in London really stands out though. It was billed as the Lords 25th Anniversary and filled with longtime fans and close friends of the band/Stiv. We really smashed the set brilliant and Brian(James) was just on fire the whole night, really goin for it. It was so flattering to impress that crowd and Brian. I mean, Bri started punkrock with the Damned. When ya make him smile it's like the gods shining down on ya. ...Brian smiled the entire night. There's some pretty harsh bootlegs still makin their way out from that night at 100club. Try
A big memory that stands out for the wrong reasons is the album I did with The Lords. We knocked out the 10 songs for "Hang On" in just one week. We were really onto something at the end of it when I left Brighton, but the project was hijacked and another vocalist demanded his parts be added and laid all over it. I should never have left without a mix of what we had. Haunts me to this day. That other "vocalist" hijacked The Lords trademarks/logos for five years. It was another reason why the '007 show tasted so sweet.

SPUN When did you form your band The Lustkillers? What inspired you to make music together?

AB I was coming off goth/industrial, addiction and cancer. I was on court ordered anti-depressants from a "suicide reversed" and really tryin to get my head together. I'd damaged my speech and motor skills from an overdose and was relearning to play guitar. As you can imagine, I was filled with overwhelming frustration. Grunge ruled the earth and only added to that. I desperately craved punk rock n roll.
LustKillers as a concept began in Chicago, just before I moved to NYC. My players however at that time were unable to pursue music as their career. I was devastated and ended up selling first rights on 30 songs for 5 years. When I revisited the songs in 2001, it seemed the world had finally caught up to my music. Then in SF, I decided to only do LustKillers again with good friends, so it was always for selfish reasons and in between other projects, ie: American Heartbreak, Lords, Black Halos.

SPUN What was the first record you ever bought and do you still own it?

AB Hmmm. I've moved coast to coast to coast and everywhere in between. My vinyl now resides in dads vault. I think my first album was either Ted Nugent "FreeForAll" or Kiss "Rock n Roll Over."

SPUN As a vocalist, a lead guitar player and a song writer you must have some pretty diverse hero's/influences. Do you have a top three? What are you embarrassed to be a fan of?

AB Attitude and intent go a very long way with me. Jim Carroll's still very potent to me. Tim Armstrong is this generation's Jim Carroll. Tim's cadence makes so much out of so little. I love his songwriting. I prefer that storyteller approach. I don't have a traditional singing voice so people like Ace Frehley, Wendy O Williams, Stiv, Ted Nugent were important in showing me I'd have a place singing. Guitarwise, I can now hear where the danger of Bri James (Damned/Lords) and the live abandon of Rick Neilsen (Cheap Trick) affected how I play. Even Bob Andrews (GenerationX) was nice and reckless to me. You may be disgusted to know, around the house I still listen to a lot of DarkWave or just wallpaper Electronica like Hybrid, Fluke, Etc. I get my share of rock every night on tour and in the transit. If it moves me, I'm not really embarrassed to like it but I do attempt to keep it to myself.

SPUN The Lustkillers are based out of Chicago and The Black Halos are based out of Vancouver. How is making a go at the music business different in Canada rather than the US?

AB When I started up with Halos in 2004, I was stunned by the amount of support Canada provided there. As the years passed thought it has seemed to merge more and more into the American way. I think the final nail was when Halos was turned down for its grant doing "We Are Not Alone." The Govt instead felt Bryan Adams needed it. True Story.

SPUN I understand the Lustkillers are working on a full length record. Is there a title and how is the process coming?

AB Our Rep Mike Adamany has sat so long in the studio that he's named it "Balls Gone Dead" but I have other plans.... This has been the first real chance Ive had making an album where I get to listen to it. That's been fantastic. I loathe the studio cuz there's usually too many chefs and too little time but this summer it's been just me here in Chicago jail cell 307.

SPUN Do you have plans to tour Canada and the UK in support of the new record?

AB Canada is definately on LustKillers radar. I left a lot of great friends storming across Canada with Halos. Canada's gonna love the LustKillers. Gonna need good proper rep and release up there, it's a lot of territory to cover. I've never toured UK. Even with Lords. I'd love to finally change that. It's difficult having fans there and not being able to play for them.

SPUN It must have been intense being asked to front the Lords of the New Church, What was your reaction?

AB Originally LustKillers were supposed to support Lords on their Reformation Tour but when they heard LK's Demos (Black Sugar Sessions), they changed their minds and instead asked me to sing. I wasn't sure even after Bri (James) called me, cuz no one can replace Stiv. Then, Dave (Tregunna) rang me and I realized how much they missed it. I agreed to only do it if I got to play guitar. This way no one expected me to hang myself from the rafters. Straight from the first note of rehearsal if felt so familiar and good. I really sang the piss outta them tunes live and made so many fans happy to hear the stuff. It's wild to see videos from Lords 03 Tour just now popping up on Great to realize on tour how badly Stiv is Missed.

SPUN When you go on tour what do you listen to on the road? Is there anything the fans may not expect you to listen to we would hear on the van/bus?

AB I been spinning a lot of lesser known rock for LustKillers. Not unexpected but maybe unknown.... Godfathers, Romantics, The Figgs, the Angels/Angel City. Surprises would be New Model Army, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Big Black, Manic Street Preachers, Public Enemy, Marz, Ratt. I try to keep the embarrassing stuff to myself & Ipod... Stone Roses, Peaches, Polyphonic Spree, Go-Go's, Sade. Late night on Halos drives Robbie Halo and I would blast My Life with Thrill Kill Kult and declare a VanDanceParty.

SPUN What was the last day job you worked and did you know all along that you would make to this level in music at the time?

AB I left the UC Berkeley Athletic Computer lab to join The Lords. I've done stuff behind the scenes for production teams at venues but the Unions in Chicago clamp down. I live very comfortably here in Chicago. People can't understand why I would ever leave my westloop condo to tour the way I do. Honestly though, it means nothing to me if I can't play. Painters Paint. I didn't expect to make it this far in life. I've beaten a lot of odds, health and incidents.

SPUN What hasn't Adam Becvare done that he is really itching to do, with now or eventually?

AB "Build a house. Paint a Self- Portrait" - Fight Club... sorry couldn't resist. I really need to tour Japan. I got some serious business to take care of in Japan. Bri keeps checking in monthly bout doing more Lords. Honestly I'd really like to be finished with my 3 LustKillers release by now with Canada, UK and others under the belt.

SPUN Do you have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music?

AB I started golf about 3 yrs ago. It's the only interaction I have with nature, trees n such. I bike heavily in Chicago late at night. So many musicians/singers jog now but that just moves too slow for me. Got a cyclocross bike, it's more of a weapon.

SPUN Do you have a worst show story any major train wrecks?

AB I have this love/hate voodoo relationship with electricity. Everythings fine until i step onstage. My tuner freaks or I have absolutely no sound. It's Uncanny and sickening. I also ALWAYS get the worse mike stand and monitor in the house. Everyone just rolls their eyes when I complain about my monitor...Prima Donna. End of show they're like.. hey, this monitor's blown! I been wearing 1 ear plug since '96 just to hear myself. The other is deaf. I think my Halos Vancouver show with NY Dolls was my personal worst but there's just too many train wrecks in that Black Halos file to list just one. You don't play in a band with a guy named Hopeless, called Black Halos and not expect it.

SPUN You have a pretty full plate and bright future with LK right now by the looks of it. I wondering if there is future plans for the Halos and are you in them? I ask this because the records you wrote, toured and recorded for are my two personal favorite of all their great records. Seems like the ball was really starting to roll again for the Halos and yourself.

AB Thank you. I was so stoked to join up with the Halos. I had lots of ideas and inertia to get them up and running again. I had to have. I was constantly leaving my imitation palatial estate to surf sofas up there for 'em. Between that and touring, I was never home.
I really feel we got all we wanted out of "Alive Without Control."
"We Are Not Alone" was like pulling teeth though. The members changed and I was stuck in the game pulling their weight. Inevitably, the theft in Montreal destroyed the entire investment. Halos lost everything and our weapons to fight back with. Even so, we attempted Europe immediately after but the debt was too great to recover. In the end, No one was there for The Black Halos. We Were All Alone. I hear rumours Bill is gonna continue but it's gonna be impossible for him to find another Robbie, Rich or I to make anything happen. Nothing has since June 08.

SPUN What would you consider the highlight of your career so far and why?

AB Bun E Carlos (Cheap Trick) rocked with me on my 25th Birthday, Lords '003/Lords '007, Alive without Control and now LustKillers... I keep surprising myself and I just had two songs used in a film. Never even considered that. In the first 6 months of '009 LustKillers toured the west coast, east coast, europe, west coast again and tracked another 15 songs. The highlight would be that this band that I kept sacred to do for myself, has become so productive. I never expected to have the Black Sugar demos pressed let alone on vinyl.

SPUN How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

AB There are samples on the music page of as well as Once the new album is released, full versions of the others will be available at itunes. Until then, the 8 song "Black Sugar Sessions" is available on CD and Vinyl at Orders are also still taken via paypal

SPUN Lastly just give me two words to end this interview.

AB Phenomenon Anomaly ....... feels good tryin to say it.


"LustKillers European Promo"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gonna Getcha: An Interview with Chris Brodbeck of See Spot Run

See Spot Run for me is one of a handful of really really great Canadian bands. They have four full length albums, five charting singles and have had five videos on Much Music. Their hit single "Weightless" from their second album, also titled Weightless, reached #9 on the BDS rock chart, #6 on the top 40 chart, and #5 on the all Canadian chart. This same album made Canadian recording history, as the title track was certified as "the highest charted independent song on the rock chart since the inception of BDS".

The boys in the See Spot Run camp have done tour after tour nationally and have been entertaining their fan base while making new music since 1997. They are a four peice rock band based out of Montreal, Quebec Canada featuring Chris Brodbeck on bass and vocals, Aaron Little on guitars, Dave Fudge on drums and last but not least Randy Bowen also on guitars. I have enjoyed their records, been at their shows and will continue to be a fan and supporter of the boys. So without further ado, it is an honour and a privilege to present to you SPUN's second interview with none other than See Spot Run's front-man himself Chris Brodbeck.

SPUN: For someone who may not know, what genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

CB: The longer you stick around in the music business the more genres change names. At one time we were considered alternative rock, then pop/rock, then power pop, we were even called emo! So how about alternative power pop rock?

There are many influences including many new bands. We grew up listening to The Police, U2, The Clash and Elvis Costello but also enjoy The White Stripes, Fountains of Wayne and Radiohead.

SPUN: Not long ago you played Bayfest with legends Bon Jovi, was Jon's hair that perfect in person and kidding a side how was it to play with one of the huge legends of our time?

CB: T'was an absolutely spectacular experience to play in front of 22,000 Bon Jovi fans! Jon’s hair was blowing around so much in the wind it was hard to tell if it was so perfect. We also played with The Stone Temple Pilots just this past July at the very same festival. We’re thrilled to have been a part of these events.

SPUN: What was the first record you ever bought and do you still own it?

CB: U2 - The Joshua Tree. Still got it!

SPUN: As a bilingual band, is it hard to write for both French and English audiences and do ever play/sing different versions at shows?

CB: We just recently released our first full length french language album called "Super héro sous peu" The lyrical interpretations were done by a few Quebecois artists including french singer Francine Raymond. They all did an excellent job reinterpreting the lyrics that were originally written in English. We wanted to speak to our French audience not only in their language but also in their culture.

We have done all French shows as well as some mix shows. Sometimes I'll switch on the fly during "Weightless' and start singing in French : )

SPUN: Everyone loves KISS, who is your favorite member and why?

CB: I love them all but Gene is the one I have always liked. I can paint my face like the god of thunder in 45 minutes!

SPUN: Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you ever play any covers?

CB: The songs, which became popular charting singles like "Weightless", "Au Naturel", "Lucy" and "Terrified". Then there are the other fan favs like 'iLona' and 'Girl Like You'

We love including a few covers in a set. I always love it when I see a band pull off a wicked version of someone else's tune.

SPUN: The band is starting a tour tomorrow, what cds must come on the van or bus?

CB: Ironically we don't listen to music in the van. We love the pure pop sound of silence. We all have iPods so we can retreat to our favorite musical worlds when we're tired of listening to the din of the road.

If a song must slip into the tape deck it would have to be Black Sabbath or Van Halen.

SPUN: You recently had your single "Gonna Getcha" on "Degrassi: The Next Generation". How was that experience?

CB: It was great hearing our music in an episode that included one of the DeGrassi girls whipping her top off!

SPUN: You and your guys all make yourselves really accessible and approachable. I am sure there up and comers out there that directly or indirectly consider you guys mentors. When getting started who did you look up to for your musical guidance?

CB: We've always been impressed with musicians who see this business as a community of friends. Kiss has always been that way, it is a big part of how they became successful. Country artists make themselves very accessible and the fans they have are as loyal as they come. Somehow this is lost on many bands and musicians who prefer to "star trip". When we toured with I Mother Earth we were blown away at how accessible and down to earth they were. We played hockey with them and have remained friends. You don't enjoy this great journey by hiding on your tour bus.

SPUN: As a fellow hockey fan, who do you think is the most rockstar player in the game today?

CB: Alexander Ovechkin

SPUN: Do you have a worst show story any major train wrecks?

CB: We’ve been fortunate not to have had any “worst show” or any train wrecks.

SPUN: "iLona" is probably my favorite track by you guys. If you had to tell someone to listen to only one track that wasn't a single, which would best describe your band?

CB: I would say there is no one song that defines our band. We like to leave it up to our fans to decide which songs they love and which songs best represent us. ‘Weightless’, being our most popular song, has been our calling card since hitting the top ten.

I think it's cool that you're fav is iLona. It was originally called "Lona" but then I met a waitress in Calgary named iLona, so I asked her if I could use it.

SPUN: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

CB: iTunes in Canada. Our official website for US and International fans.

SPUN: Give me one of your favorite lyrics or one lyric people should remember of any SSR song to finish this interview?

CB: "Like I am on acetaminophen all the time" (from Weightless)

I have yet to find a 6 syllable lyric in a popular song. I'm sure most people don't even realize what I'm singing. It's a scream to watch people sing it at a show.

SPUN: What's coming up for you and they boys?

CB: Currently we are writing new material and testing it out on our unsuspecting fans : )

SPUN: Lastly just give me two words to end this interview.

CB: Push On

SEE SPOT RUN - My iPod Killed My Girlfriend (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Messing With My Head - Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows is a sugar covered power-pop supergroup consisting of guitarist James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins, vocalist Taylor Hanson of Hanson, bassist Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne and lastly on drums is Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. Taylor and Adam have been friends since the 90's and often threw around the idea of collaborating. James Iha was added to the mix as he and Adam's bands had been touring together and often working on each others records over the years. This is when the idea really started to roll. What they needed was a drummer that could make it a complete unit and they wanted someone like Bun E. Carlos or Cheap Trick. After they discussed every drummer they could think of that may fit the part they opted to do what they should have done originally, which was ask Carlos. Carlos received some demos and after listening, decided he liked what he had heard and he was happy to complete this four piece oddly put together group.

I have listened to this over and over as of late and have come to one conclusion. I had to tell everyone about this band. You might already know that being said I think this record is really gnarly!! So good, like a REALLY POPPY Pink Spiders meets Butch Walker kind of band. It very much reminds me of an band from a few years back out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan called "Slab Drab" because of it's rocking pop sound. Taylor's voice sounds kinda glam and is very androgynous which I think is part of the appeal making this a very straight up power-pop record. A lot of groups just refuse to write good pop, good melodic sing-a-long pop. These four have nailed it. I don't see anything wrong with this. Write your own tunes, be yourself, do it out of passion, don't think it's more than it is and it will be appreciated in some fashion. I have nothing but respect for any band that does this and for sure have all the respect in the world for Tinted Windows. It's not going to make you any smarter or change Rock N Roll much less the world but it will likely make you smile.

Can't Get A Read On You
Tell me what you like
Tell me what you don't
Tell me what you might do
Tell me what you won't
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
Tell me won't you please tell me please tell me
Tell me won't you please tell me please tell me
Tell me won't you please tell me please
Cause I can't get a read on you
Can't get a read on you

Like I said it's sure not going to make you any all.

This is a bright, cheerful, good natured, fun modern pop record with an element of the 70's and the 80's. I haven't heard a record that was this mindlessly entertaining in years. Don't get me wrong it is mindless but I think it has it's place. If I could describe this album as a moment, it would be occupying the passenger seat of a 50's era red convertible with your feet out the window while cruising down a grid road with your buddy's or a girl that you just met and really dig. Nothing on your mind but fun.

Messing With My Head

Come with me, I will show you the way... come on it's not much farther...

Cheers Rockers!!