Monday, October 26, 2009

The Deep Dark Woods & Good Time Charlies

The Plains Hotel/Good Time Charlies pub was a write in nomination a short time ago for the CBC Radio2 Music Quest contest to have a great Canadian songwriter immortalize the Plains hotel before it is tragically closed.

Saskatoon was close in votes but the people whom love the Plains prevailed. They also beat out:


"The Deep Dark Woods are writing a song about Good Time Charlies! The name almost says it all for the Deep Dark Woods: their timeless, beautifully eerie, desolate acoustic sound draws much inspiration from the sights and sounds of the prairie winter." -

[url=]CBC Radio 2 - Great Canadian SongQuest[/url]

"The Deep Dark Woods - Hang me, Oh Hang Me"
**This is not the song but will give you an idea of The Deep Dark Woods and who they are.**

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scatterheart Loves You!

Back in July of this year Camrose Canadian writer Kelly Barrett had this to say about Vancouver based band Scatterheart, "The flavour is reminiscent of the '70's and '80's. Think Platinum Blonde meets Freddie Mercury with a little Bowie tossed in for good measure." Good start!!

It was a few months back when I reluctantly opted out of going to see a Bif Naked show. Bif is very talented and thought I may regret that decision. Well... I definitely did. However it wasn't because Bif put on a great show, sounded great and was hot as per usual. She was all of those things, however it was because I missed an opportunity to see a fantastic opening band. Scatterheart was the band everyone had to tell me about. People insisted on telling me how they were right up my alley and how I would have loved them. It didn't stop there. They told my how the music was great and the show was "like probably one of the best ever!" My roommate Jessie played me they're album and Ep and I thought it was fantastic. Initially my favorite song was "New Foundation". That being said there was a plethora of songs that were rivaling it. Be damned if I was going to miss them the next time.

The following July the Jesse Enright (vox), Wes DeBoer (bass), Mike Southworth (Drums) and previously of Bif Naked himself Doug Fury (Geetar) came back to the Exchange to cover their fans in their brand of loverockrevolution by that I mean bubbles. Who doesn't like bubbles? If you weren't dripping in loverockrevolution by the end, there is something wrong with you. Scatterheart is a positive, high energy, rock n roll show that DEMANDS you be entertained. I think it was a success and if you had seen the smiles on everyone's faces I think you would agree. Not many band's can play Rush's "Closer to the Heart" or U2's "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" and make me enjoy it, and I did very much so. I almost enjoyed it as much as their originals. After an hour or so long set, a new t-shirt and many sneer pictures later the night had come to an end. I knew it wasn't going to be long or at least hoped before I would see the boys of Scatterheart again.

I could go on and on about how good they were at their instruments... and they were but it actually doesn't matter. This band is a show and they take the boat loads of talent and use it as a catalyst to form great music their charm and charisma leaving you wanting more. Whether or not it's Jesse's dance moves, Doug or Wes' rock faces or Mike's laughter at what is going around him, there will always be something that catches your eyes and ears at a Scatterheart show.

Sunday's show was no different. I got to hear soon to be hits "The Free" and "Shut Up" along with current hit "Beautiful". I saw some fantastic people in a "Dance-Off" and I got to sing along with one of my new favorite Canadian bands while they did a superb rendition of Queen's "Somebody to Love". This all while nursing a cold beer with some of my closest friends. It's been a long time since I have seen a show to this magnitude. Probably not since the days of Robin Black and the IRS. If you get a chance to see them, go! You won't be disappointed. They will graciously entertain your ass off. When they tell you Scatterheart loves you, they do. Love them back!

Cheers Rockers!!

Scatterheart - The Free

Scatterheart TV: Oct Tour Vlog #4 Regina

Monday, October 5, 2009


The Plains Hotel in Regina Saskatchewan has been nominated in the CBC Radio 2 Music Quest contest.

1.) Goto the above link.

2.) From there click on get started or whatever.

3.) Pick Saskatchewan

4.) It will list a bunch of cities in town in Saskatchewan

5.) In the top right hand corner there is a box that says Nominate your Own Unique Location.

6.) In that Box type The Plains Hotel - Regina
You can vote once per day every day until Oct. 9.
It would be awesome if we could have a Canadian Songwriter write a song about the Plains.