Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kent Rocks Dirty Top Thirty of 2013

Whoa! Has it been a year in music already? 

Who says music isn't what it used to be? I bought 50 albums this year and I might mention, most of it was pretty damned good. That said, every album wasn't good though and some of you may not agree with my opinions. That’s the beauty of year end lists though right? Sorry Lee, I just couldn't put Volbeat on the list. Volbeat uniting Metallica with Elvis because let’s be honest that’s what it is, should really grab me but I just don’t get it. It wasn't new and for ME it wasn't exciting either. That said, that’s as negative as I am going to get. Let’s focus on the years highlights. There might be a couple surprises in my list. I won’t say anything about Fall Out Boy’s credibility or authenticity, and they won’t change the world but all I am going to say is that world is a lot more fun with them in it. I didn't see/hear as much local talent this year, but that was only because my schedule didn't really permit it.However I am sure there was tons of really great stuff!

To start, here are my top 5 ep’s of the year:

05. Julian Jones - Rock Air Fire Wood
04. Butch Walker - Peachtree Battle
03. Lydia Loveless - Boy Crazy
02. Stone Temple Pilots feat. Chester - High Rise
01. Lucero - TX & TN

Without further ado here are my favourite albums of 2013:

30. Sound City - Real to Reel
29. Airbourne - Black Dog Barking
28. Said The Whale - hawaiii
27. Kris Kristofferson - Feeling Mortal
26. Joan Jett - Unvarnished
25. Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt
24. Placebo - Loud Like Love
23. Matthew Good -  Arrows of Desire
22. Bad Religion - True North
21. Nicke Borg Homeland – Ruins Of A Riot
20. Travis Meadows - Old Ghosts & Unfinished Business
19. Blue Rodeo - In Our Nature
18. Joshua James - Well, Then, I'll Go To Hell
17. The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs 
16. Fall Out Boy - Save Rock N Roll
15. Todd Kerns - Borrowing Trouble
14. Songs For Slim - Rockin' Here Tonight
13. Steve Earle - The Low Highway
12. Emmylou/R Crowell - Old Yellow Moon
11. John Fogerty - Wrote a Song for Everyone

10. Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart

 09. The MatinĂ©e - We Swore We'd See The Sunrise

08.  Billie Joe + Norah - Foreverly

07. Eddie Spaghetti - The Value Of Nothing

06. Tegan & Sara - Heartthrob

05. Arctic Monkeys - AM

04. The Bronx - IV

03. Northcote - Northcote

02. Sinking Ships - Late For Everything

01. Headstones - Love + Fury

That's all folks. Start thinking about 2014. I can tell you I am already excited for the new Supersuckers, and Against Me!. I am also really curious about new Bruce Sprinsteen record.