Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ripperz - You Are the Moon

For many “live” bands it can be tough to translate the energy and emotion of being at a show to digital medium. The first time I heard anything about or by this band was at a show I witnessed by accident when looking for something to do out of boredom. I was enthralled with their live show and their self titled record I picked up that night was just as stunning. They instantaneously became one of my favorite bands.

I have waited since 2009 for a follow-up of their 2008 record. Finally in November of 2011 I received the second installment of Ripperz goodness entitled ‘You Are the Moon’. From what I can tell ‘You Are the Moon’ is like the first record in where each song was recorded as a band together at once instead of the drum track, bass track, guitar track, vocal track etc. etc. process (live but in a controlled studio environment.) One can only presume this is how they get their raw/authentic sound that evokes so much emotion. There are no surprises on this record.

At first I was almost scared to open the packing of the new record. You are never sure if a band you enjoy so much is going to disappoint on their sophomore effort. I was able to rest easy when I realized The Ripperz have not strayed far from what I can only assume was their original vision of a indie/rock/roots band that gives it 120% at everything they do. Some bands need a reworking of style or image or need new inspiration for writing. The Ripperz don’t. ‘You Are the Moon’ is just as fresh and hip as their first effort. There is nothing tired about this record.

The first track on the docket is the sequel to the first record’s ‘Tonight’ cleverly entitled ‘Tonight Pt II’. It’s a rocked up ditty that, like Travis Warkentin said about ‘Fly’ on the first record, I feel about with this song. It gives you the same feeling as leaving work on a Friday. If it’s a good song for me, usually I am singing along before the end of the first listen. This record is full of them. They are fun, full of emotion and, most importantly, real songs. There are no pretentious attitudes. Some of the songs are good-time type songs like ‘Just a Boy’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ and some just plain earnest or plaintive type songs like ‘Dancing on the Weekend’ and ‘Arena’. If I have to pick two highlights on ‘You Are the Moon’ for me, it would be the last two tracks. The first song being the up tempo ‘Moon and Stars’ and the second being the dramatic musically and lyrically final track 'Blood Orange’. All ten songs are really top game excellent though. Which are your two favorite?

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Here is a really raw live clip of 'Moon and Stars' that captures the band: