Monday, July 18, 2011

WINNING AMERICA - The Story of a Canadian Band Trying To Make It In The States.

Here at SPUN, we write about many bands that peak our interests (and the odd one that doesn't. We're looking at you Nickelback...) However, the main goal has always been to promote bands (typically Canadian and from the 'Vag) that some of us may know about but deserve much more exposure. Well, Vancouver's Said The Whale is attempting to break the potentially huge American market at one of the biggest and most iconic music cities in the world: Austin, Texas at SXSW. The CBC decided to document the process of this amazing band trying to make their name south of the border...

Here is what CBC had to say about the documentary:

The Story of A Canadian Band. Trying To Make It In The States.

This CBC Documentary follows Vancouver band Said The Whale to South by South West Festival (SxSW) in Austin, Texas. It’s a true story about the hardships and successes of a touring band trying to make it at the biggest music festival in North America.

Produced by Jon Siddall (CBC Radio 2) & Brent Hodge (CBC Radio3)

Directed by Brent Hodge (CBC Radio 3) & Thomas Buchan (Battle Of The Bagpipes,Hope)"

Please do yourself a favour and check out the trailer and live clip below.

Said the Whale Live Performance Video:


Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols - Wastedland

It's no secret I dig Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols. I have been following this kick ass rock 'n' roll band since March of 2008 when I was Myspace surfing for new bands to check out. I stumbled across them and I really dug what they were doing right away; a blend of the old and the new. Fast-forward to 2011 and I am still checking out the new updates of FWDI.

Frankie and her Canadian merchants of noise recorded and put out a solid self titled EP back in '08. That record got a lot of play around my place. However, it was only to be the start. The band has really hit their stride in the last couple years. It started with 'Bullets' and 'Right There' and I didn't think they could top 'Right There'. That being said, they knocked it out of the park with their first official video for 'Keep on Walkin''. When I thought that was going to be the pinnacle, they prove me wrong with their latest cunning stunt: their brand spanking new single for 'Wastedland'. 'Keep on Walkin' was/is a killer anthemic rock 'n' roll song and so is 'Wastedland'. Written by FW, Simon Wilcox and Aaron Kamin (The Calling) and shot in June of this year, one should note that 'Wastedland' takes their sound, songwriting skills and musicianship to the next level. It's this kind of effort that will be the key that should lead them to being arena rock sensations. This heavy pop 'n' roll song has hooks left and right that will be stuck in your head for days. You know it's a good song when it becomes an instant sing-a-long. Wastedland is tough and graceful, has rippin' riffs, a pretty melody with a big chorus.

FWDI seem to up the ante each time they lift a finger. I don't know what will be on a full length record when it comes out but one has to know at this pace, it's got to be a sure fire hit.

Check it below. I have had it on repeat for over a week.

Cheers Rockers,

Free Download (valid until July 21) http://wastedland.viinyl.c​om/