Saturday, August 22, 2009

the RIPPERZ - On My Way (show review)

Tonight happened by accident. 10pm tonight I had no idea what I was doing... I went to the Freehouse with my good friend Christy and her friend. After thinking I saw a girl from work Kim but not really we decided to go to Ohanlons... not because of Kim, that was just funny because close up it wasn't Kim at all! Anyways, I am getting off topic.

With little convincing we decided to leave the Freehouse and go to O'hanlons. I need to mention when we were at the Freehouse, I got ID'd and the hot waitress said "WOW, put that back" I think it was a compliment...

ANYWHO! The 3 of us went to Ohanlons. My friend Christy tortured me with AWFUL music all the way there. Two seconds from getting there I found the Age Of Electrics "Ugly" but at last we are there.

We get inside and I don't for once see too many people I know. We get beers and move to the dance floor/concert area... I hear harder stuff come over the P.A. and think to myself "FUCK! Another dark metal/industrial band" not cluing that we are at O'hanlons Irish Pub.

So very hesitant we stay for the band about to start... I am really not looking forward to this, however I see my friends Andrew and Ricki (Love you guys!) and they proceed to tell me how when they were in Mexico they met this band that gave them a cd they liked. Turns out it was the band getting ready to start. Okay, well I know Andrew does not like what I like to call "Possessed Cookie Monster Metal"

They look like an indie three piece band I had not cared about a million times. Average looking bass player... average looking drummer...brush cut/big beard singer... Oh yeah setting myself up for the fall.

NOT THE CASE AT ALL!! From bar one, this band for the lack of better words KICKED FUCKING ASS!!! Now the Hot Blood Bombers are bar none my favorite local band but wow this band gave them a run for their money. It was good to see Anna there and have some kinda bomber presence. If my opinion means anything that statement speaks mountains of compliment.

The band played soooooo tight. The singer was in the audience, the drummer sang killer harmonies, the bass player kicked it home ever song and the vocals were nothing shy of beautiful. Now the vocals had a rasp in parts and it was clean in other parts. The singer definitely knows what is right for the song. I could not stop smiling the entire time. The only way I can describe it is if the Kings of Leon fucked Bruce Springsteen mixed with a rock-a-billy feel but a little heavier. This three piece band was thick as hell!! Helen Keller would have heard a ten piece band. They were jaw dropping. It was elegant and rocking all at the same time.

This show made spending 10.00 on the openers cd because you didn't know and didn't see them worth it. I still got a RIPPERZ cd and recommend you do too.

Welcome back anytime as far as I am concerned! I have listened to the cd since getting home and it's awesome too!

Cheers Rockers!

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