Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Darlings Of Chelsea - The Mimico Sessions EP

From the opening guitars of "I Want Your Love" this six song ep is a train chug-a-long sexy boot to the face. Early on you can hear mostly all the influences from bandmates collectively from The Black Halos, Kill Cheerleader, Parkas, Robin Black, Scratching Post and CJ Sleez. This band is taking all the best parts of it's predecessors and making one kick ass rock n roll band. It's pop-filled and still heavy and driving. "New Addiction" starts and you can feel your heart beat faster like you are already at the show sweaty and enjoying it in excitement dancing front row and fist in the air. Two songs in and you are already playing air guitar. Helsinki, a Hellacopters cover is perfect. The build revs you up and the hook lets you take off. We are half way through and the fourth song on the docket takes all the previous and rolls it into one, added with some Black Halo's-esque gang vocals "Let's RIOT!, burn it all down!" and I don't know how much more I can take. Jay Millette's guitar work or who I believe it to be playing is charming and brilliant. The last two tracks "Sleazy Rock N Roller" reaks of cool and "Devil Is A Woman" leaves your middle finger in the air at your ex-girlfriend and a smile on your face. This record has 70's swagger written all over with a current balls out twist. If Dallas Winston from the 80's movie "The Outsiders" was a current character and had a favorite band this huge and agressive rock n roll band would be his favorite. A band making rock n roll cool again in what I think is a yuppy approaching time. I hope this band takes over the world. With only six songs in their arsenal their guns are loaded and they are taking back rock n roll.

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