Monday, February 1, 2010

Billy the Kid - The Lost Cause

Recently my friends Crystal and Nathan told me in passing that I should check out their friend Billy the Kid as she was coming to town soon. I actually forgot that she was coming to play here as I had other things on my mind and the CRUE was the night prior. However my night fell ass backwards into place I ended up at O’hanlons where I had been lucky enough to check out original talent that far exceeded my expectations on more than one occasion.

This night was no different. I walked in just having missed the Lazy MK’s which is another band on my “to see” list just in time for Billy’s set. I wasn’t prepared to see Billy as like I said I totally had forgotten and was out with the guys. That is until I saw Crystal and Nathan; at that moment I knew that while I stumbled in there by accident I was in for a treat remembering that this was who Crystal told me to come see. You see, I can generally trust Crystal and Nathan as we have watched many a band together and more times than not we agree.

It was really busy in O’hanlons so went to upstairs where I could look down on the stage to get a better view. I was floored. She was playing a stripped down brand of singer/songwriter set that she alternated between keys and guitar. I have to say I was impressed before I heard a note though. Here I was watching a cute songstress who is littered in great tattoos, sharp glasses finished a clash shirt. This all topped off with a piercing smile that you can't help but just stop and stare.

If that’s not enough, this talented musician has the songs to back it up. I have bought her EP entitled “The Lost Cause” and I can tell you she sounds just as amazing live as she does on cd. I find in today’s music world where anyone can put out a record it’s harder and harder to find a new record that you can listen to all the way through let alone be enthralled with as I was with on this EP. I think the secret is female songstresses and OLP producers. See Frankie Whyte and Duncan Coutts and here with Billy Pettinger and Raine Maida. Billy has a booming voice that will pull you in. Enjoy a reflective number about love like “These City Nights”, a beautiful song like “Drown” which is an amazing piece or catchy ditty like “The Drugs”.

Please do yourself a favour and buy this record. You can find it on itunes. Thank you Crystal and Nathan for introducing me and lastly thank you Billy for doing your thing.
On iTunes:

Cheers Rockers.

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